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Erickson's, Ulrich's, & Baby Max

The year of 2020 has all of us feeling crazy between COVID-19, politics, and human connection. It is so important to take time to relax and be with family & friends in a safe manner.

Some of us may subliminally feel disconnected from friends, family, and people in public. But despite all of the craziness, a lot of us know the importance of vacation. A lot of our guests have flocked to the cottages because it feels safe here. Guests have their own space in their own cottage, we all keep our distance, and we all feel like a community connected here.

This summer, the Erickson's and Ulrich's returned to the cottages for their 21st Cottages Retreat (I believe). There is Linda, Polly, Beth, Jane, Andrew, Frank, Christina, Mike, Dale, and many more in their group. Most importantly, a new family member was added this summer, Max Acela! Max was only less than 2 weeks old, and I know his parents enjoyed a quick vacation to the cottages.

We truly enjoy to have this group stay for a week. This year, they not only went to the beach and the pool, but I noticed that every morning and evening they would gather together at their picnic tables together. They would drink coffee, chat, wave hello, and make beaded snowflakes. What a mindless, relaxing activity.

I am glad that Polly sent me these photos. You get to see them during their stay this year, and you get to see some older photos that have turned into memories. The most special thing about this group to me, is their closeness with each other and the connection they make with people around them. They are truly some of the most genuinely kind guests.


Thank you for the Snowflakes that you gave us. We will be hanging them on the Cottages' Christmas Tree this year.

Christina & Mike,

Thank you for allowing me to meet baby Max. I can't wait to see him each summer! Maybe he'll be learning to swim in the pool in the next couple summers to come.

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