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Parks' & Burdette's Annual Vacations

At Holiday Cottages we have a lot a big groups of family and friends that stay with us every year (as we mention often). One such group being the Parks & Burdette families, extended family, and friends. The group reserves most of our cottages for a week every summer.

This is the group that we always mention that pulls all their picnic tables together and has a different dinner each evening. It is so enjoyable to watch them laughing and enjoying each other's company. In the morning, the kids start at the beach and end up at the pool. While the Moms & Grandma's hang out at the pool for most of the day, floating around and enjoying the sun.

All of the families included are the Parks, Burdettes, Defriece, Samples, and a few more. There are kids/grandkids of all ages running around and having a blast. The girls are just as sweet as can be, and even though they are not all the same age, they run around as a pack. The boys are always throwing a football around. Over the last 5 years we have watched the boys throw a football around as little kids. They would throw the football to each other and could barely throw far enough- they threw with all the strength they had. As each summer arrived they would throw a little farther, and a little better by the next summer. Finally this past summer, they threw like NFL quarterbacks and you'd better look out and watch your windows.

(Below is a photo of the granddaughters sent by Lisa Parks)

When the group arrives for their annual vacation, I'm going to add more of their photos and share new stories...I might even send a video of how hard these boys can throw a football.

Written By: Alyssa Hickman

(If you are a visitor of Holiday Cottages, and have any group photos, recreated photos, or any others, please bring them into the office or email them to us.)

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