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What is there to do?

The big question is, "What's there to do around Holiday Cottages and Chincoteague?"  Below we have provided quite a bit of information about amenities at the cottages and activities around the islands for visitors returning to the island and first-time visitors.


For those that have never had the chance to visit our beautiful island or the Holiday Cottages, we have provided an aerial shot of the islands shown below.

We get a lot of questions asking if we are located on the beach, to answer that.. our beach is on Assateague Island which is non-residential.  All of the cottages, homes, hotels, and restaurants, are on Chincoteague Island. (See image below) From just about anywhere you stay on Chincoteauge, it is approximately a 10 minute drive or some people even like to bike!


Check out our BLOG link at the top to explore more about what current events and activities are happening.

Chincoteague Island is the residential island and neighbors Assateague on the right.

Assateauge Island is the Beach &Wildlife Refuge and National Seashore that neighbors Chincoteague.

About The Islands...

Chincoteague Island of the Eastern Shore of Virginia is truly (as the indians said) "The beautiful land across the water". (Which is actually where the name of our island originated).  Ever since the first settlers migrated to the island in the 1700's Chincoteague has been thriving!  We are known in tourism for our ice cream parlors, quaint shops, oysters, ponies, NASA's rocket launches, etc.

Chincoteague Island & Assateague Island have recently been named and awarded:

In a feature in Southern Living Magazine, 

PolicyGenius Magazine - Chincoteague is named in The Best Small Towns To Visit In Each State - June 29, 2018 - America's 25 Favorite Beach Towns - July 12, 2018

USAToday - Assateague Island National Seashore VA is named #4 and Chincoteague National Wildlife is named #5 in 10Best Reader's Choice Travel Awards for Best Virginia Beaches - June 6, 2018 - Chincoteague is named in Americans Recommend Their Favorite Road Trips - April 23, 2018

TripAdvisor - Chincoteague is named in 15 Best Vacations for Toddlers and Parents Alike - March 19, 2018

USAToday - Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge is named #5 in10Best Readers' Choice Travel Awards for Best Virginia Attractions - January 19, 2018


The reason why our little island is the happiest, coolest, and number one is because it is one of the BEST places to vacation. Being on the island truly gives you an unforgettable experience and staying with us at Holiday Cottages will definitely make your vacation a lot more pleasant. Below you will find some of the locals' and visitors' favorite activities to do around the island.  


Activities At The Cottages

Every Cottage includes it's own picnic table and anyone renting cottages can grab grills at any time to have a cookout!


"But wait, what will entertain the kids while we're here?" Out in the yard, we have tetherball, a big sandbox, and a playground set!



On top of all that, we have cornhole boards and an awesome pool!

Check out our large patio near the pool..perfect for early morning coffee, reading, or relaxing.


Also, one of the best things we like to do at the cottages is walk down the street either to watch the famous sunsets every evening, or get some of the famous Island Creamery ice cream.

Activities on C.I.

Activities on A.I.

Assateauge's Wild PONIES!

Assateauge's Wild PONIES!

Family Dinner on the Patio

Family Dinner on the Patio

Sea shells on Assateague

Sea shells on Assateague

Sailboat seen downtown

Sailboat seen downtown

Lifeguard stand on the beach

Lifeguard stand on the beach

Summer Evenings Downtown

Summer Evenings Downtown

Shopping & Entertainment
The Beach
Fine Dining
The Refuge

Established in 1962, Assateague is vital for resting and feeding migratory shorebirds and other bird species. Over 320 species can be found on Assateague.

We are just four miles from the Assateague Island National Seashore, and our beach is a great place to relax and tan, surf, and simply enjoy life!


The Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge, established in 1943 includes more than 14,000 acres of beach, maritime forest, salt marsh, and fresh water marsh habitats and is one of the most visited refuges in the country.


There are many biking trails, places to sight-see, and take many memorable photographs.










There are several all-you-can-eat seafood restaurants, fine dining, pizza/sandwich shops, several ice cream parlors, and many other unique eateries available on the Island.  Inquire at the front desk for suggestions, coupons, and brochures.

  We are one block from Maddox Blvd (commonly known as Beach Road) with lots of restaurants and within walking distance of Main Street’s quaint shops and boutiques.
  Chincoteague Island is full of fun things to do. Spend the day at the beach, relax by our pool or take the kids to see the ponies. The historic Roxy Theater is also open for movies. Visit our Carnival grounds in the summer time, go to some of our exciting museums, or go watch our famous sunsets on Main Street.

  A little further from Chincoteague, you may have seen NASA Wallops Island Flight Facility.  There you can go to the Rocket Museum and learn a lot about our sounding rockets, and everything else that goes on at NASA.  Sometimes you can even get really cool visitor tours!

Or, if you're feeling a little ADVENTUROUS, go kayaking or take a wild pony boat tour!


*Call or come in our office for brochures and further info.*









Bay side of Assateague Island
Daytime downtown
Downtown fishing pier
Biking to the beach
Assateague Lighthouse
Strolls downtown are THE BEST
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