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Love is in the air at Holiday Cottages

Over this past June-2018, at Holiday Cottages we had some really memorable guests stay with us. Susan & Brandon stayed with us for a week or so, and we were told a really special story about these two...

Each family was vacationing at Holiday Cottages as kids and they didn't even know each other. But their families just so happened to come to the Cottages at the same time every summer. They came every year as kids, met some friends along the way, and they met each other here.

Pictured below as kids, Susan is in a red bathing suit with Brandon, coincidentally, in the background with a towel. She said that she'd always hoped Brandon would notice her every year they were here. She would see him at the pool or on the swings every summer.. and you know what, he finally did!

So, as fate would have it, these two had met and fell in love at Holiday Cottages, coming to the island every year or so. When they decided to get married, they came back to Chincoteague to tie the knot and they stayed at Holiday Cottages to bring back the memories. Hearing their story was so touching to all of us at the cottages, we just had to share.

There must be love in the air at Holiday Cottages. Susan looked so beautiful and Brandon so handsome. These two, you can tell, just seem like the best of friends and they definitely had a memorable time with friends and family on the island for their wedding.

We hope to see these two back to create more memories.

Thank you to Susan & Brandon for allowing us to share some photos and tell your story.

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