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About the Author, Alyssa Hickman

Hi guys! My name is Alyssa, and I hope to use this blog to connect with some of our favorite guests, and with new visitors to Chincoteague & Holiday Cottages. I am 24 years old, have been out of college for about a year now and I CANNOT believe it. My younger sister, Alyson, and I grew up here on Chincoteague. We attended Chincoteague Public Schools like our parents and many generations back. Alyson and I attended a college near to home, the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. I began in 2012 and she in 2013... I attended 5 years with a double major and she for 4 years. Alyson received her degree in Dietetics and now works an hour away at CoreLife as Alyson Hickman, RD, LDN. I graduated with a degree in Biology Education. In my heart, my career path was to work at the Holiday Cottages and take over my mom's bookkeeping business.

We have a very large family that lives on the island, and I think the reason why we never left is because Chincoteague will forever be home. To me, family is everything. My parents, John & Lisa, have inspired my sister and I to always work hard and love what we do.

From left: John, Alyson, Alyssa (me), Lisa

My family bought the Holiday Cottages back in January of 2015.  This year, 2018 will be our 4th summer as owners at the Cottages and we are proud to call the cottages our second home.  Since day 1 back in January 2015, we have been working day in and day out to make updates and renovations to make our cottages better and better every year! Currently we are in the process of renovating our pool! So many memories in the pool, believe it or not mom and dad taught Alyson & I to swim in that pool.  The pool was around 50 years old I suppose, and I remember when there was a slide & a diving board.  Now, we are going to have a brand new pool! SO GET READY SUMMER VISITORS!

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