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Family Traditions- Recreated Photos of families: Weaver, Wheatly, Biddinger

At the cottages, we have a lot of families or groups that return every year. Some have been coming here for over ten or twenty years!

One group in particular, the Weaver, Wheatly, Biddinger families have been coming here for many, many years. We were told this year that they were going to recreate a photo of all of the cousins/grandkids from when they were little to now. (see below)

This group makes coming to Holiday Cottages a tradition every summer. They like to go to the beach or pool, and sit out on their chairs in front of their cottage from morning to evening. They are so awesome to have here at the cottages, they are all so kind, funny, and they clearly make a lot of memories here.

We look forward to every family (big or small) that returns year after year to the cottages. We like seeing familiar faces, watching the kids grow up, hearing about past experiences at the cottages, watching parents teach the younger kids how to swim... and all it!

Make your own Family Traditions at Holiday Cottages! Thank you Kathleen!

(If you are a returning family or guest that has recreated a picture, please share with me so I can post your story on the blog.)

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