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Family Traditions- Recreated Photos: Kelly Walker

Kelly Walker is a guest that has been coming to Holiday Cottages since she was a kid. She would come with her parents & her brothers or sometimes a friend. This time Kelly came with her mom, husband, and her 2 kids who now come to the cottages just about every summer.

Kelly has 2 beautiful children, a son & a daughter who like to get in the pool & ride bikes. She brought in a photo from the 1992 during her stay where her father took a picture of her, her mother and her brothers sitting on the steps of one of the cottages when they were painted yellow. She then recreated this photo with her kids.. (see below)

Here's the funny part... Kelly & her mother brought into the office, the photo from 1992 in a little ziplock bag so it wouldn't get ruined. She came in and I think Kathy & I were at the front desk.. we said, "Ah, whatcha got there?" She unzipped the bag and showed us the picture that her dad had taken. She said that she had been coming for years and she was going to recreate the photo and I mentioned posting this to the cottages' blog. Then before she left she said, "We're still trying to figure out which cottage we stayed in during the 1992 photo. But we're going to take the new one in front of the cottage we're staying in anyway." Keeping in mind there are 20 cottages, it would be hard to figure out which cottage they stayed in 27 years ago...

Later, I exchanged numbers with Kelly before she checked out and she sent me the adorable recreated photo, and here we are on the blog. After she handed us the keys to go home Kathy & I at the desk were having a competition as to which cottage we thought was in the 92' photo. Kathy has been working here for about 30 years or more. So what did we do.. we pulled out the reservation books. There are maybe 20 books that weigh a ton, and we finally dug through to 1992-1994 book. Kathy has a memory of an elephant, I swear...and she said, "If I see the name, I'll know who Kelly's parents were for the name of that reservation" I think we started to thumb through the book around June- Aug. as that's around the time they came every year. After thumbing through the book for a few minutes, Kathy saw her parents name: Greg & Kyle. They had stayed in D-108, I think that was the one I guessed was in the picture from 1992.

While Kelly was on the road home, I sent her a picture from our 1992 reservation book with her parents name on cottage D-108, she was close.. they thought it was C-106.

Well, I guess you could say we keep good records. Our books go all the way back to 1985.

Thanks Kelly!!!

We hope that more of our returning guests/families will consider recreating a photo.. it is so special and fun! If you have a photo that you have recreated or a story please email me at

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