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The Pool Project

Everyone loves a pool, and all of Holiday Cottages guests love our pool when on vacation! Although it was a bit outdated, our guests still crave the sun-bathing, the cool dip in the pool, coming in after the beach and reading a book, or playing marco-polo with the kids.

We bought the Holiday Cottages in 2015 and have been working for 3 years straight on our cottages' interior decor and construction. Then, this year (2018) we decided that it was our pool's turn... it was time for the Pool Project.

At the beginning of 2018, Lisa & John made the decision to update the pool at Holiday Cottages. It was time for new concrete, chairs, foundation, etc. Lisa & John spent many a day picking the right color of custom cement, the tall fencing, the perfect chairs, the most beautiful plants, & the most incredible, hand-crafted rock foundation you've ever seen. All of this for our guests and friends at Holiday Cottages, to make your stay better and better each year.

We had a really nice team of construction workers working alongside John, Lisa, and our Head of Maintenance, Glenn, to get this big project complete in time under our high expectations. What turned out in the end will forever make us proud.

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I think it started with the demolition of the pool... The old, broken chairs were hauled out, jack hammers were brought out, concrete was taken away like crazy, the chain-linked fence was torn down and rolled up. Everything was hauled away. It was a scary thing to see happen, because you look at this big mess, and you think, "What good can POSSIBLY come of this..." All we have been hoping for is that someday soon, we wanted our guests and friends to have a really great pool to come and make memories at during their vacation. Boy were we in for a nice surprise, and I think everyone was shocked this year. When our guys poured that first bit of concrete, that was a big accomplishment. Then after a while, the construction of the stone foundation commenced, it was honestly like a work of art. They would fit a different piece of stone in like a collage, all along the foundation and on 6 columns. Then, the inside of the pool was scrubbed and new ocean blue tiling was placed around the top of the pool. If I had a name for the whole project, I'd call it a scary work of art.

If you look at the pictures below you will see the final results. We now have new chairs and loungers, and beautiful lighting on 6 new stone columns. The foundation and plants are to die for. Just walking in this pool reminds me of the beach, you have the dark sand colored cement, with the blue tiling inside the pool, and it just makes you feel like you're still at the beach. It makes us so happy that our guests love this pool. It turned out pretty awesome, and we thank our guests and everyone in our community who has complimented our hard work. This pool is going to continue that legacy of making memories at Holiday Cottages.

Our parents John & Lisa taught my sister and I to swim in this pool when we were about 4 & 5 years old, and I still remember bits and pieces even though I'm 24. I remember my mom lathering us up with sunblock, and my goodness we HATED that. I remember learning to swim in this pool because my sister and I were so tiny and scared to get near the water without our water-wings (floaties) on at first. I remember mom would hold Alyson on her stomach and dad had me on my stomach, and they would say, "Girls, use your arms and your legs at the SAME TIME, and KICK, KICK, KICK..." I think after a couple weekends of bringing us that summer, we both picked it up at a young age. I remember my favorite thing to do was to jump in and swim to mom or dad. Then as I got older Alyson and I would swim together.

Now, we have new families and we have families that have been coming back over 25 years and now these families will continue to have those awesome memories like Alyson and I at a brand new pool. Every year I get to see new kids learning how to swim, and when I hear one say, "Look I'm doing it!!!!" it just brings back the best memories.

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